Why are we doing this?

Why an LP? Why us? Why Vinyl?

In a time where all media is infinitely available, the only thing of value is scarcity. This is not just a comedy recording, it is a comedy object. The packaging, the label, even the disc itself are part of the experience. It’s a 3-dimensional product manufactured out of plastic and delivered to you. And it contains some material that only works on a physical object.

And this is not the type of entertainment that you can casually listen to while doing other things. It is designed to not only stand up to multiple listening sessions, it practically requires them…and your full attention. A record encourages that kind of listening. It’s not very mobile. It needs to be physically flipped over after twenty minutes. And it can be played without electricity.

We only made 300. That’s it. Only those 300 people will be in on this very special comedy show. And their heirs, we suppose.

When’s the last time you sat down with undivided attention and just listened?

Oh, and why us?

We’re just stupid enough to pour every ounce of energy we have into a product with the tiniest niche market imaginable.

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