Peyton Brown and Jared Jeffries are two Chicago comedians making a record. A comedy LP. Something that hasn’t been done in a very long time.

Is it an album of comedy music?

No. But there is music in it. All original.

A standup record?

No. More like sketch comedy. But not exactly. It’s surreal and it glides from scene to scene i a stream-of-conscious manner. And then some scenes exist at the same time. Or don’t exist at all. It’s hard to explain, but it’s all terribly interesting.

So what kind of stuff is on the record?

Tiny grooves, mainly. Also televisions that are newspapers, dead racecar drivers, the ghost of Ed Wynn, the future of human consciousness, and a certain flea.

Are there digital copies/samples?

None. As boldly stupid as it sounds, we will put no part of this record online. Ever. If you see it there, it wasn’t us. Why? The LP isn’t a way to deliver the product to you. It is the product. We want to make something intentionally scarce and personal. Find out more here.

So I need a record player?

Yes. Any old one will do, but to get the most out of the record, we recommend using a nice stereo Hi-Fi. The LP is designed to be extremely dense with sounds. There are many layers of audio stacked on one another and quite a few special tricks and hidden content that will be lost to people listening on poor quality or mono devices.

How do I get it?

on bandcamp!

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